TwinLight Periodontal Treatment

TwinLight Periodontal Treatment is progressively playing a vital role in treating periodontal diseases. Dental procedures are increasingly advancing into using dental lasers since they provide fast, simple, and highly effective treatments. Dental lasers are the ideal tools for performing the expansive selection of laser-assisted procedures that are generally minimally invasive and cost-efficient. The TwinLight Periodontal Treatment is for procedures such as gingivoplasty, gum pigmentation removal, closed curettage, crown lengthening, and more.

When it comes to approaching periodontal disease, the Fotona’s TwinLight® Periodontal Treatment is a minimally invasive periodontal therapy that includes the most effective laser wavelengths, Er: YAG and Nd: YAG. The dual-wavelength enables treatments for periodontal treatment that creates optimal conditions for tissue healing, prevention of infections, and improve reductions in pocket depths.

The TwinLight Procedure in Three Steps:

  • Step One: The Nd: YAG laser eliminates the affected gum lining and enhances access to the root surface.
  • Step Two: The Er: YAG laser thoroughly removes the microbial biofilm and calculus from the root surface.
  • Step Three: The Nd: YAG laser creates a stronger formational to avoid clotting during the healing process.

By using both the Er: YAG and N: YAG laser wavelengths in the treatments, maximize the use of the laser-tissue interaction. The Nd: YAG laser energy is primarily used for deep disinfection while the Er: YAG is efficient at removing the infected tissue. Together, they can significantly improve the outcome of the treatments, guaranteeing maximal safety and long-lasting, effective results. Selecting this treatment provides confidence to dentists to treat their patients with a periodontal disease without using surgical scalpels, and no sutures are required.

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